After Dems Hold First Impeachment Hearing – Trump’s Approval Takes A Sharp Turn

Nadler is trying to impeach Trump – and it’s having a big impact on Donald’s approval!

Wow. Trump’s in green—look at him go! What you can’t see is that Trump is polling 6% higher than Obama at the same point of their presidencies – Barack was at 45%!

Even with daily, relentless, negative news against Trump (for nearly 3 years) and constant rumors of impeachment—Trump is still on top.

He’s even doing better than Obama did during the same period in his presidency.

That’s saying something, given how much the left adored and propped up their “golden boy.”

The Democrats must be pulling out their hair at this news. “What does it take to hurt this man!” they must be saying.

None of their tactics have been able to slow down the Trump Train.

Why? Because as Democrats waste time and money on impeachments, President Trump is defying the odds.

He really is making us great again, and it doesn’t look like Democrats are putting a dent into his 2020 chances.

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